NASL 3 starts tomorrow

Overall we have 45 Players divided into 5 divisions with 9 players in each one. The event will start tomorrow, April 11th, some newly added and improved features. There is a $150 bonus for each game a player wins. This should improve the activity and incentive of the competing players. We will get a big live coverage with some famous shoutcasters.  Andre 'Gretorp' Hengchua,  Ben 'MrBitter' Nichol,  Kevin 'RotterdaM' van der Kooi and  Dan 'Frodan' Chou will celebrate the event witch can be followed through streams. As before, you will have to buy view-tickets for $19.99 for which you will get a packet of HD streams, VODs and a few more extras.Division I Puma Cloud TT1 BratOK Zenio HayprO Stephano  NightEnD Hwangsin Division II DeMusliM Sjow  Ryung  DarkForce Crazymoving Dimaga Nony  HasuObs Hero  Division III Ganzi Rain Strelok TLO  Vibe  Sen  Mana  Axlav HuK Division IV Thorzain Select  Alive  CatZ Lowely Idra  Ret  Cruncher Alicia Division V Jinro qxc Polt Targa Sheth Morrow  WhiteRa MC  Puzzle Source:  

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